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My Experiences As An Aerocity Escorts

Hi. I am Madhuri a young 27-year-old mature Housewife Escorts in Aerocity. It is an upscale locality near IGI Airport in Delhi famous for its high-quality restaurants, hotels, bars, and showrooms. Aerocity remains abuzz with the activities of tourists and travelers who are waiting for their next flight. I have come across hundreds of clients as an escort in this locality. Here is my story for the readers who are interested in knowing about the lives of Aerocity escorts.

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My First Client as an Aerocity Escort

I am a beautiful woman with a curvy body. I chose Aerocity as my area of operation because it is close to my home and also because clients are in a mood to relax. I joined a popular and reliable escort agency. My first client was a middle-aged man desirous of some fun with a Sexy Bhabhi Escorts. He was a thorough gentleman who showed respect to me. I liked his etiquettes and the manner in which he kissed and caressed my curves. We enjoyed a grueling session of lovemaking and afterwards, he took me to a restaurant where we enjoyed a sumptuous meal.

How I Deal with Drunkards as an Aerocity Escorts?

Most of my clients are sober and behave in a gentlemanly manner. However, I do come across men who are heavily drunk and cannot even talk properly. These men are not in their sense and they talk rubbish all the time. They are also violent at times and it takes a lot of courage to spend time with these men.

As a professional Aerocity Escorts, I have learned that my goal is to make a client happy with my curvy body and performance in bed. I lure drunk clients by showing them my alluring. Theyforget everything else and behave properly as long as their bodily needs are benign taken care of. curves. I invite them to bed and play with their tools to get heavenly pleasures. When drunk men get up after a sound sleep, they are in their senses and behave normally.

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Dealing with Young Studs as an Aerocity Escorts

I regularly spend time with young brats as an Escort in Aerocity. These men are arrogant and only interested in showing off their wealth. I know these men like to be pampered as they have big egos. Young boys are mostly interested in exploring the curves of the mature housewife. They want to experience extreme pleasures. I am an expert in giving blow jobs. I use this skill to satisfy young guys who moan and scream as I roll my tongue over their erect tools. I am able to satisfy the desires of these clients because I enjoy making love in different positions.

Many men think that Escorts in Aerocity are glamorous dolls meant for love and romance. It is true that sex plays an importnat role in my relationship with clients. However, I also take care of the emotional needs of many men if I think that will make them happy and relaxed.

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